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Suggesting Manga to Publisher: Viz Media

This is a new series of articles that will help English manga readers understand how to suggest manga to English manga publishers.

Whether you're wanting a series like Kimi wa 008 or Team Medical Dragon, there are publishers that take title suggestions from fans and readers.

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Why Write This?

What I have noticed online is that English manga fans are not fully aware of how to suggest manga to publishers. While some like 7 Seas Entertainment will mention how to suggest manga to their company, other publishers don't mention how.

This causes a lot of confusion, miscommunication, and repeat asking of the same question to the same publishers at various convention panels (Kodansha's Sakura-con panel says hi). So, I thought to document the process to suggest a license to a manga publisher.

Our first publisher up is Viz Media!

Suggesting Manga to Publisher Viz Media Process:

Viz Media has a series suggestion form you can fill out to suggest an unlicensed manga title for them to pick up.

To access the survey, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go onto the Viz Media website.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Contact Viz"

An image of the bottom section on the Viz Media website. The links from top to bottom read: About Viz, Contact Viz, FAQ, Events, and Redeem Gift

3. On the Contact Viz page, you will see a drop-down menu. Click that menu and select "Series Suggestion"

Viz Media's "Contact Us" page. The header says "Contact Us". Below that, it says, "Please select a contact form below. An expanded dropdown says Pick a Form, Customer Support, Donation Request, Viewing Permission, Press Inquiries, Rights Inquiries, Legal Tops, Licensing & Consumer Products Inquiries, Series Suggestion, and Print Publishing Sales and Distribution

4. That will take you to a Google Form where you will then enter

  • The manga title you want to suggest

  • The author(s) of the title

  • The Japanese publisher of the title

The Title says Manga Licensing Suggestion. Below, it says, "Please fill out this form to let us know what manga you are most interested in seeing published in English". The first section says "Title" with a text box that says "Your Answer". The second section says "Creator(s)" with a text box that says "Your Answer". The third section says "Japanese Publisher" with a text box that says "Your Answer". To the bottom left of that is a Submit button and to the bottom right is a link that says, "Clear form"

5. Once filled out, just click submit and you're entry is in!

Things to Note

Some things to make people aware before submitting titles to Viz:

  • Viz Media is co-owned by Japanese publishers Shueisha and Shogakukan. While they have pulled manga series from Kodansha in the past, they don't do this anymore (I think all their Kodansha license pulls were before Kodansha USA existed).

    • While Spider-Man: Fake Red ran in Kodansha's Magazine Pocket, the copyright on Viz's website only lists Marvel, not Marvel and Kodansha.

    • Some JPN publishers Viz pulls manga from nowadays:

    • Shueisha

    • Shogakukan

    • Hakusensha

    • Akita Shoten

    • Kadokawa (they have licensed series from them in 2018 or 2019 so I'd say they count here too)

  • You can only submit unlicensed manga series in English to them. Requesting a series like Ashita no Joe or Odd Taxi will not be considered by them.

  • Viz doesn't explicitly limit how many submissions you can send. Last I emailed Viz Media about this, they said: Hi, Thanks for writing in! You may submit suggestions whenever you come across a title not currently published in English by another company.

The image of this is below:

Hi,  Thanks for writing in! You may submit suggestions whenever you come across a title not currently published in English by another company.  We really appreciate your suggestions and please feel free to reach out with any other suggestions or concerns in the future, happy to help!  Take care,  Naomi @ VIZ

Hopefully, this helps English manga fans suggest titles they want to Viz!

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