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Suggesting Manga to Publisher: Tokyopop

Updated: May 9

Tokyopop is a publisher that takes manga license suggestions from the public, but in a different way than other English manga publishers. Instead of a website form or a survey, they accept suggestions via Discord.

How to access their discord server and submit suggestions is what we'll be covering!

Suggesting Manga to Publisher Tokyopop Process:

To access the discord channels where they store all manga license suggestions, you can follow these steps:

  1. Access the Tokyopop website.

  2. Hover your cursor on the header tab labeled "Community". You should see a drop-down where the options are "Discord" and "Events".

On the Tokyopop website. The text from left to right say "TOKYOPOP", "About Us", "Books", "Audio & Video", "Community",. "Join Our Newsletters", and FAQ". Under Community, it says, "Discord", and below that it says, "Events"

3. Click on "Discord".

4. Depending on if you have discord already set up on your device, you will either have your discord app open on the Tokyopop discord server or you will be prompted to log into discord via your browser.

a. In the second situation, it should automatically redirect you to the server.

5. Once the server loads, you will have to react under both the "verified" and "rules" channels. To "react", you need to select an emoji to apply to the message within the channel (it's the only message in the channel)

A screenshot of the Welcome section within Tokyopop's discord server. The listed channels from top to bottom say "verified", "rules", and "welcome"

6. You should now see a section called "Manga O-TALK-U". Under that are 2 channels: "license-suggestions" and "mature-license-suggestions".

A Screenshot of the "Manga O-TALK-U" section within Tokyopop server. From top to bottom the channels are: "all-things-manga", "lovexlove", "lovexlove-after-dark", "license-suggestions", "mature-license-suggestions", "hauls-and-collections", and "spoilers"

7. In either channel, enter the title, author, and image (I would suggest volume cover) of the manga you want to suggest!

Things to Note:

  • Like Viz, make sure to suggest titles that are unlicensed in both formats (digitally and physically).

  • While you can suggest any kind of manga title, the publisher seems to prefer more BL (Boy's Love) or GL (Girl's Love) titles (Winter's observation).

  • Some of the JP publishers Tokyopop (current iteration) has licensed titles from:

    • Mag Garden

    • Tokuma Shoten

    • Shinchosha

    • Brite Shuppan

    • Futabasha

  • If you have multiple titles you want to recommend, I would recommend submitting each entry as its own discord post within the appropriate channel.

  • If you're not sure which license suggestion channel your suggestion would count towards, just ask the mods! They're more than willing to help!

  • You might also be able to tag them with your suggestion on Twitter, but if you're not on Twitter or worried about them not seeing your post, their discord server will definitely have their staff look at it.

Hopefully this helps you in your license suggestion goal!

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