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Yen Press Licenses for September 2024 Release

Updated: Mar 30

Today at their Sakura Con panel, Yen Press announced that they have licensed 10 titles for a September 2024 release.

The titles consist of 6 manga and 4 novels. The titles are listed below alongside their creator(s) and summaries:



Pink & Habanero

By Mika Satonaka

“I want a boyfriend too!” When Mai, who has no experience talking to boys and even less with love, meets Kei Kurose when she starts high school, the wrong sort of sparks fly. Kei might be super good-looking—but he treats girls like trash. Mai has no patience for his rude attitude, but when she coincidentally discovers his secret part-time job, she might just have to learn to keep his trust?!


Tougen Anki: Dark Demon of Paradise

By Yura Urushibara

Shiki Ichinose’s blood is Oni, and his father’s is Momotarou. Normally, those with Momotarou blood hunt the Oni—but Shiki’s father refused to kill him as an infant. Instead, he adopted Shiki and raised him despite the rebellious attitude and dangerous temper that come with Oni blood. When a member of the Momotarou Agency kills Shiki’s father, Shiki vows to avenge him. But as he hones his abilities and learns to control his Oni blood, will he be strong enough to survive the dangers waiting for him…?


When the Villainess Seduces the Main Heroine

By Kasai Fujii

When the crown prince announces he’s breaking off his engagement to the infamous Akuya, his spurned fiancée wastes no time turning her seductive words of passion to her actual target—Sei, a commoner who worked her way up through the ranks with her wit and charm alone…and the very girl the prince dumped Akuya for! Sei’s about to get a taste of what a real lover is like in this steamy tale of two girls who traded in their Prince Charming for each other!


From Old Country Bumpkin to Master Swordsman: My Hotshot Disciples Are All Grown Up Now, and They Won’t Leave Me Alone

By Shigeru Sagazaki (Story) & Tetsuhiro Nabeshima (Character Design) & Kazuki Sato (Art)

“I recommended Master Beryl as the knights’ special instructor.” In a village in the remote countryside, Beryl Gardinant meticulously runs a fencing dojo. One day, he’s paid a visit by his former pupil Allusia, now grown into the kingdom knights’ commander, and Beryl decides to follow her to the royal capital to become a special instructor for the knights. As he’s pulled into reunions with his accomplished and eager apprentices, what does fate have in store for Beryl?


Detroit: Become Human -Tokyo Stories-

By Quantic Dream

2038, Tokyo. Artificially intelligent androids have started production. Even smarter and more beautiful than regular people, they steadily replace humans in various roles. However, unlike in anti-android America, in Japan, the android idol Reina’s wild popularity seems to herald a bright future for her kind. Though, amid this, android “deviants” begin to appear, rejecting their duty for free will and real emotions. With a human girl as a thread, these deviants begin to spin a revolution in Japan.


Light Novel



By Asato Asato (story) & Shirabii (Illustration)

They were in the midst of youth, even on the battlefield…Shin, Lena, and their friends experience brief moments of peace and happiness while facing certain death, enjoying a short break, plunging into battle once again, and setting foot in the frigid United Kingdom for the first time—sharing these moments with their comrades, friends, lovers, and family. Glimpse another side of 86—EIGHTY-SIX that will leave you wishing against all odds that more such instances will visit them again tomorrow. This volume contains various short stories previously uncollected or unpublished, now compiled into a single volume


Hero Syndrome

By Rei Ayatsuki (Story), riichu (Illustration), Gekidan Inu Curry/Doroinu (Character Design)

Heroes bristle with the power that can protect and save everyone, and these young men and women battle monsters in their dreams, doing their glorious Goddess’s bidding… …never realizing that the monsters they fight are actually humans. Infested by the mysterious being known simply as the Goddess and transformed into unthinking creatures of havoc and slaughter, these heroes of destruction wage an endless war of blind justice. Only Charon, an elite unit led by a young man known as Azuma, stands a chance against these terrifying enemies. So what might happen when a young scientist named Kaguya who joins their ranks wants to save the heroes rather than defeat them…?


Even a Replica Can Fall in Love

By Harunadon (Story) & raemz (Illustration)

When she doesn’t feel well, when there’s a test, when she doesn’t want to go to school…I take her place. I’m her replica. I’m not meant for anything else. But that changed when I fell in love. I wear my hair up so the boy I fell for knows it’s me. We skip school and promise to meet again tomorrow–and every day after. I’m her replica. Everything about me is borrowed and empty, but my heart is mine.


Victoria of Many Faces

By SYUU (Story) & Nanna Fujimi (Illustration)

In an age when spies act behind the scenes in every land, Chloe spends her days successfully carrying out even the most difficult missions due to her unparalleled disguise skills and martial arts abilities. After the betrayal of her boss, she suddenly disappears—as Chloe plans to redo her life as the ordinary citizen Victoria in the neighboring kingdom of Ashberry, striving for a “normal” life. However, Victoria’s peaceful life is abruptly cut short as she begins to get involved with many people. In this new land, her experiences and abilities from her days as a spy come in far more useful than she ever expected! On the other hand, the second prince--and others--take an interest in Victoria’s strength, and the shadows close in on the woman with many faces…!


Source: Press Kit

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