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Yen Press Announces DARK SOULS: REDEMPTION Manga

Dark Souls Redemption

Yen Press Announces DARK SOULS: REDEMPTION Manga

Yen Press announced it has acquired the English-License for DARK SOULS: REDEMPTION, an original manga series based on the hit video game series DARK SOULS. DARK SOULS: REDEMPTION is an official manga spin-off taking place in the beloved world of the video game series, one that is an original creation by French publisher Mana Books, a subsidiary of AC Media. This exciting manga release is sure to please a devoted fan base that yearns to return to the fantasy world of DARK SOULS, even over a decade after the game’s initial release.

Publisher Summary: Doomed by a past long forgotten, resolved to save what she once held dear.

The flame is lit. A nameless woman wakes. Roused from the tomb by a past she cannot recall, she sets out into a barren, unfamiliar landscape. The protector follows. Bound by oath and honor, he safeguards her against the dangers that draw near with the same ferocity he does the secrets of his past. The Gray Cinders gather in their tower, called by the fire to complete their solemn duty. A colossus, incarnate of death, stirs with the bones beneath the scarred grounds. And a nightmare—scourge of a bygone era—returns to exact its toll. The fate of this land hangs in the balance, as their journey unfolds in this original DARK SOULS story!

The Yen Press edition of DARK SOULS: REDEMPTION is set for an August 2024 release in both print and digital.

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