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Titan Manga licenses The Sword of the Titans

Today, Titan Manga has publicly announced the licensing of The Sword of the Titans!

Volume 1 cover of The Sword of the Titans by Kishidashiki

The Sword of the Titans by Shiki Kishida is an ongoing action-adventure historical fantasy manga that runs in Shinchosha's Kurage Bunch magazine in Japan, alongside such series as Welcome to Ghost Mansion (also licensed by Titan Manga), The Way of the Househusband, and Girls' Last Tour.


In a time when gods and humans live and fight together the young boy Tsuchimaru was helpless, a mere child in the face of those mighty struggles… until a mysterious wandering artisan came with a sword they had forged and gifted it to the child, enabling him to take up arms in the titanic conflict!

Some preview images from the volume:

Image of Tsuchimaru, the lead character, facing down a dragon with horns like an antler but with the body of a serpent

One of the characters being in the palm of a giant's

The Sword of the Titans Volume 1 is on sale September 3, 2024 at bookstores, comic shops and digital.

You can pre-order now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Forbidden Planet (for UK)

Source: Press Kit

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