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Titan Manga Licenses Working for God in a Godless World

Titan Manga has publicly announced that they have licensed the manga Working for God in a Godless World.

volume 1 cover for Working for God in a Godless World

Created by Aoi Akashiro (author) and Sonsho Hangetsuban (artist), this ongoing series is published by Heros Inc in Japan. It also received an anime adaptation (now available on Crunchyroll) in 2023.

When the son of a cult leader is transported to a world without religion he must bring the god he despised with him to save the world!

When Urabe is sacrificed by his father to the all-powerful Mitama, he prays that he can finally be without religion. He wakes up in a placid world free of faith, and begins a new life there, but when the truth is revealed, that the ruling empire purges the citizens, Urabe must find his faith and summon Mitama to protect them!

Volume 1 will be released October 29th, 2024 at bookstores, comic shops, and digitally.

You can pre-order now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo (for Canada), and Forbidden Planet (for UK)

Source: Press Kit

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