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The Ice Guy and the Cool Girl Vols 3 & 4 Review


volume 4 cover for The Ice Guy and the Cool Girl

If you haven't read our review of volumes 1 and 2 of The Ice Guy and the Cool Girl yet, you can read it by clicking this link.

Translator: Julie Goniwich

Letterer: Lys Blakeslee

Editor: Sarah Tangney

I received The Ice Guy and the Cool Girl volumes 3 and 4 as an Advanced Review Copy from Square Enix Manga and Books in exchange for an honest review.

Note: This review will contain some spoilers for volumes 3 & 4.



Volume 3

In this volume, Himuro and Fuyutsuki start to grow closer with one another and their coworkers from sharing an umbrella to having a virtual private drinking party.

The drinking party chapter was pretty funny. The author captured how awkward remote on-screen video calls can be even with a group of friends. This is compounded since this is their first virtual call. Fuyutsuki gets embarrassed because her coworkers (especially Himuro) can see that she was wearing her high school gym pants as loungewear. This was an experience many had during the quarantine and the remote calls.

We also got the backstory of how Otonashi and Katori met. Katori mentions to Fuyutsuki how Otonashi's work ethic and confronting her worries during a crisis is what made him fall for her.


Katori is an airhead and ditzy. The descendant of a phoenix, everything he does ends up being successful. However, he's an airhead that doesn't consider the impact of things (likely because it ends up well for him). This kind of character fits in well with the friend group as a breath of fresh air. He injects energy into the group like a social battery.

Otonashi is Katori's mentor and polar opposite of him while he's around. While he's ditzy, Otonashi is focused. She works as a straight-man to his eccentric behavior. She keeps him in check so he doesn't bother anyone too much. However she has a goofy and playful side when she's only around Fuyutsuki and Komori. While her design might remind some readers of Kou Sakuragi from Wotakoi, Otonashi is the opposite. She isn't a recluse or shy. She's outspoken in a work environment and easily fits into conversations.

Himuro's little sister Yukimin is introduced when the group goes to a ski resort. Unlike Himuro, Yukimin is more outspoken and brash. She's also a model and a popular youtuber, even though her highest performing video is one she's not proud of. Her introduction gives the reader a new side of Himuro where he acts hyper with her. She's a fun guest start, especially with the twist of her falling for Fuyutsuki.

Volume 4

The volume opens op with a Halloween contest where the prize is 100,000 yen ($658.89 USD as of writing this review). Fuyutsuki wants their group to go dressed in this hideous (according to Himuro but I agree) pumpkin costume.

Himuro, Fuyutsuki, and Saejima finding out the prize for the contest

While Himuro isn't a fan, he tries to help Fuyutsuki buy the costume for the group. Unfortunately, the costume was apparently popular and was sold out everywhere. They ended up buying a different outfit that I thought looked better. During this search, Fuyutsuki gives Himuro one of the biggest ultimatums.

Fuyutsuki asking Himuro to "trick or treat"

In a later chapter Yukimin returns to go shopping with Fuyutsuki to understand the interests of the typical office woman. Himuro shows up and competition for Fuyutsuki's attention becomes fierce between the siblings, resulting in a crane game contest. Both end up failing to win a prize which results in Fuyutsuki getting a prize for each of them from the crane game. It was a cute chapter that showed even Himuro is suspectable to sibling rivalries.

The work group (including Otonashi and Katori) goes to visit Komori's family shrine to bring in the new year. It was a decent chapter where you got to see the romantic development of the core 4. This kind of chapter is something you typically see in romance or rom-com manga. Still, it was a nice chapter.

In a big reveal, Himuro is able to successfully interact with cats! While he wasn't able to own one, he did get Fuyutsuki to be his teacher and educate him on how to interact with cats, plus he received a surprising offer from Fuyutsuki!

Final Thoughts


Volume 3:

Overall, this was another relaxed volume with the core 4 getting more comfortable with one another through such events as a virtual drinking party. We're also introduced to some of their colleagues with Katori and Otonashi who are now becoming part of the friend group. The virtual call and the rained in chapters made the volume for me.

Volume 4:

This was a strong volume. We got more fun banter between Himuro and Yukimin along with some romantic development between the core 4 during the shrine visit. With the surprised offer at the end of the volume, I'm looking forward to volume 5!!

Volume 3 Verdict: Buy It

Volume 4 Verdict: Buy It

Cumulative Verdict: Buy It

The Ice Guy and the Cool Girl volume 3 and volume 4 from Square Enix Manga & Books are available at all retailers

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