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Taking Care of God Manga Review

Volume cover for Taking Care of God

Publisher Summary

One mysterious day, over twenty thousand otherworldly spaceships settle into stable orbit around Earth. Six months later, in a certain Asian village, a young girl named Zhihan discovers an old man who fell from the sky…but the strangeness doesn’t end there. Soon, many more elderly drifters in peculiar outfits begin descending all over the world, claiming they created human civilization. Now it’s humanity’s turn to take care of their Progenitors—but as Zhihan will soon learn, accepting God into your home isn’t such a simple matter…

Author: Cixin Liu (original story), Jun Yokoyama (Artist), Golo (character design)

Translated by: Giuseppe di Martino

Letterer: Brandon Bovia

I received this volume as an ARC from Yen Press in exchange for an honest review!



Taking Care of God is a manga adaptation of a short story with the same name from Hugo award winning Sci-Fi author Cixin Liu. Liu has written such works as The Three Body Problem.

The manga adaptation was published in Kadokawa's Comic Hu magazine, which also publishes such works as Elden Ring: The Road to the Erdtree. In July 2023, Yen Press announced the acquisition of this title for an English release.



The art style is unconventional from a lot of manga released in the past 20 years. It honestly reminds me of classic manga style one would see from works by Shotaro Ishinomori or Go Nagai.

Zhihan, in the rain, rushing to Morimori

On a random day, over 20,000 alien ships came and enclosed themselves around Earth. With no response to communications, humanity had to live with the ships hovering around the atmosphere. Out of nowhere, elderly people (who are classified as aliens) drop from the sky across the world. This story follows Zhihan, a sixth grader who is tasked with taking care of one of the elderly named Mori-Mori.

You start to see how the encounter changes not only Zhihan and her family, but the town itself. While I will not go into more details, I will say that it is interesting to get the perspective of the various characters on the impact of the encounter. The story is gripping and will keep you reading until the end.

The ensemble cast act pretty realistic. They have flaws. They're human. Yes, Zhihan's grandmother isn't the nicest person, but you can tell that she does care about her family under that exterior.

The theme is entrusting the future to the next generation while imparting kindness, hoping it gets carried on.

Final Thoughts


I think this is a must read for anyone. You don't have to be a Sci-Fi fan to understand the themes and impact Liu imparts on the story. This is an incredible story and a great pick up for Yen Press!

Verdict: Buy It

Taking Care of God from Yen Press is now available at all retailers

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