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Suggesting Manga to Publisher: Square Enix Manga & Books

Updated: Jun 12

Square Enix Manga & Books is one of the new manga publishers in the English market since Square Enix Japan launched a U.S. branch in 2019. Since then, they have licensed titles such as My Dress-Up Darling and Daemons of the Shadow Realm.

Square Enix Manga & Books logo

The question a manga fan might have is: do they take license suggestions? Well, luckily for fans, they do with with one approach: social media.

We will be covering these approaches below!

Suggesting Manga to Publisher Square Enix Manga & Books Process:

Social Media

The first approach is to create a post whether it's a post on X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, or Blue Sky.

Using X (formerly Twitter), I would compose the tweet like this:


I would like to see <MANGA NAME HERE> by <AUTHOR(S) NAME HERE> licensed in English! @SquareEnixBooks


Things to Note:

  • You might think of DMing the Square Enix Manga & Books X (formerly twitter) account. Unfortunately, you have to be a verified account to DM them. With Blue Sky, you cannot DM them either. So stick to public posts for your suggestions.

  • Like the other publishers, make sure to suggest titles that are unlicensed in either format (digital and physical)

    • So if there is a series on Manga Up Global you want to see in print, you can suggest it to them

  • Square Enix Manga & Books will only pull titles owned by Square Enix Japan. This will restrict suggestions to be from the various Gangan magazines and their online platforms such as Gangan Pixiv

    • So no, they will not license Kingdom or Ao Ashi for English. Those aren't published by Square Enix Japan

    • The only exception is The Apothecary Diaries Light Novel, but again, that's an exception.

  • What about Out of Print (OOP) Yen Press titles that are published by Square Enix in Japan?

    • That one is an iffy situation that I don't actually know how the licensing goes. I would assume that Yen Press would still have the rights to those series, especially if Yen had access to both formats and there's still a digital volume copy available (so Scum's Wish is out of the question).

      • However, this is all speculation on my end.

  • If you suggest a manga to them via social media, do not use fan translated panels or images in your tweet. I would suggest volume covers (preferably volume 1). If you want to show art from the series, use the raw, untranslated version of the manga. This goes for any publisher!

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