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Suggesting Manga to Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment

Seven Seas Entertainment (often shortened to just Seven Seas) is the English manga publisher that most of the manga community is aware of who takes manga (and others like light novels) license suggestions.

Seven Seas Entertainment logo

Every month, they release a reader survey where one can submit suggestions for manga to be licensed into English. This article will cover that process!

Suggesting Manga to Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment Process:

  1. Access Seven Seas's website

Web page for Seven Seas Entertainment. Says "Seven Seas Entertainment Publisher of manga, light novels, and original comics since 2004. Home, News, Series, Digital, Release Dates, Company." To the right, it says, "Gomanga Store". Below that it says "May 2024 Reader Survey"

2. Click the survey's icon to the righthand side. The image will say <MONTH> <YEAR> Reader Survey in the image

3. A new tab will open bringing you to a Google Form where you will fill out the questions they give you. Keep going until you reach the bottom.

First half of the 7 Seas Reader Survey

4. At the bottom, submit the unlicensed manga you want to see in English, where appropriate. Seven Seas has questions where they are not asking for manga suggestions.

Second half of the reader survey. In this part, the user is being asked for suggestions

5. Fill out the rest of the survey and hit "submit"

Things to Note:

  • Seven Seas will license a series from any Japanese manga publisher, no matter how big or small.

  • Like other publishers, make sure to suggest unlicensed manga series that are not in print or digital in volume form.

    • Seven Seas licensing Tokyo Revengers was an exception to the rule, not the standard.

  • With that said, manga series that are on English manga reading platforms owned by Japanese manga publishers, but do not have an English volume release (whether physical or digital), are up for grabs.

    • For example, Katana Beast, a series only available on K Manga (no announced English physical or digital volume release as of writing this) would be eligible to submit in a Seven Seas reader survey. Same would go for "Hope You're Happy Lemon" that is on Shueisha's MangaPlus platform.

  • Make sure you fill out one survey every month. If you submit multiple entries within a single month, you will invalidate all of your submissions for that month.

  • Like suggesting to Yen Press, it will take a long time for the chance of your submission to possibly be licensed by Seven Seas. I had seen a twitter user mention that they suggested "Booty Royale: Never Back Down Without a Fight" in every survey for several months before Seven Seas licensed it.

    • Behind the Manga's own MangaAlerts had suggested "Killer Shark in Another World" to 7 Seas every month for an entire year before 7 Seas announced it for an English release.

Hopefully this helps in licensing what manga you want in English!

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