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SuBLime License Announcement Event Recap

SuBLime hosted their annual license announcement today on Valentines Day through Wonderful X (Formally Twitter) bringing us a total of five brand new titles along with an update on an upcoming volume. Let's take a closer look at what they showcased this SuBLime License Announcement Event Recap!


Takara's Treasure by Minta Suzumaru

Publisher Summary: Taishin has moved to Tokyo from his hometown of Fukuoka in order to reunite with Takara, a stranger who had consoled him in his grief the year prior. However, despite finally getting a chance to express his gratitude to Takara at college, he is given the cold shoulder! But Taishin, undeterred, decides to pursue Takara anyway, and Takara finds himself becoming more and more enchanted by Taishin’s straightforward and earnest gaze.

This one shot series is scheduled for a physical and digital release September 10th, 2024 for $14.99

Stigmata: Love Bites by Hidebu Takahashi

Publisher Summary: Officer Asako, part of a special investigations unit, has the unique ability to react to the residual thoughts of murder victims, replicating their wounds on his own body. Together with his partner, the reserved Superintendent Kuroiwa, he works hard to solve the toughest of cases.In a shocking turn of events, one of the cases this unique team of investigators takes on is the murder of Superintendent Kuroiwa’s own ex-wife, Mari. Upon visiting the murder scene, Asako reacts by collapsing and bleeding profusely from a wound that suddenly appears on his back. But why are Mari’s final thoughts about her ex-husband Kuroiwa, and what does Asako’s surprising reaction to them really mean?

(This is a Two Volume Series)

Volume 1 is scheduled for a physical and digital release October 8th, 2024 for $12.99

Someday I’ll Fall for You by Tomo Kurahashi

Publisher Summary: Childhood friends Chiaki and Kazuma have been brought up like brothers, but that all shatters when Kazuma catches Chiaki masturbating and, in the heat of the moment, ends up lending a hand. From that night on, the two of them help each other out to satisfy their base urges—that is, until Kazuma gets a girlfriend, and Chiaki realizes his feelings go beyond friends with benefits. Will these childhood friends be able to go back to the way they were before? Or will their relationship manage to bloom into something more?

(This is a Two Volume Series)

Volume 1 is scheduled for a physical and digital release November 12th, 2024 for $12.99

Publisher Summary: Impatient 29-year old omega Shishikura has watched all his friends get married while his own romances keep fizzling out. Determined to find someone compatible, he turns to a matchmaking service. But while waiting for his perfect soulmate to be found, he goes into heat at the worst possible moment—alone with Kotani, a new coworker who is nursing a longtime grudge against Shishikura! After spending a desperate steamy night together, there’s no doubt that the two are physically compatible, but do they even like each other?

(This is a Two Volume Series)

Volume 1 is scheduled for a physical and digital release December 10th, 2024 for $12.99

Publisher Summary: Impoverished graduate student Kento nearly freezes to death outside his new cheap (unheated) apartment during a blizzard. Luckily, he’s saved by neighbor Soushi, a quiet and somewhat frightening young man who dresses in all black. Although he exudes an aura that screams “keep away,” his eyes, hidden behind long rocker hair, plead for something else. Over the following year, the two share meals together, but as the time passes, the closeted Kento finds it increasingly difficult to ignore his growing feelings. Will he choose to maintain the peaceful, happy times he’s grown to love or risk it all for the possibility of something more?

This one shot series is scheduled for a physical and digital release September 10th, 2024 for $14.99

Volume Update

SuBLime announced that

Crimson Spell Volume 7 will have a release date of April 8th, 2025 at $12.99

They cite this volume having issues getting licensed internationally As the reason for the delay Publisher Summary: The powerful sorcerer Asterdol has wrenched Vald’s soul out of his body, causing him to split into two—a demon and a spirit! Asterdol intends to merge the human and demon worlds and install demonic Vald as its ruler. It’s now up to Limris, Halvir, and the others to not only stop him, but also merge Vald’s two halves and lift the curse of his magic sword!

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