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Square Enix License Announcement Recap (February 24th)

image showing the latest license acquisition for Square Enix Manga & Books today, February 24th, 2024

Square Enix Manga & Books announced today on X (Formally Twitter) three brand new announcements!

The titles, their authors, and their summaries are listed below:



The image for the license of Dragon and Chameleon

Dragon and Chameleon

By Ryo Ishiyama

When a veteran manga creator inexplicably switches bodies with his jealous assistant, their clashing artistic ideals will rock the entire industry!


image for the acquisition of My Happy Marriage Art Book

My Happy Marriage Art Book

By Akumi Agitogi, Rito Kohsaka, Tsukiho Tsukioka

With more than 80 gorgeous illustrations by series manga artist Rito Kohsaka, the luxe art book is interspersed w/ short stories by author, Akumi Agitogi, & special commentary! Arriving Winter 2024.


image of the acquisition for Always a Catch

Always a Catch! How I Punched My Way into Marrying a Prince

By Mayo Momoyo (Original Story), Itstuki Mito (Illustrations), Kaki Nagato (Art)

Duke's daughter Maria always valued her fists over thoughts of suitors, but now that she's decided to marry, what happens when her martial arts prowess ends up wooing a prince?!


Source: X (formerly Twitter)

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