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Persona 3 "All Out Attack" Q&A Panel Anime Boston 2024

Persona 3 Reload Key Art

Panel Description: Reload your evoker - it's time for an all out attack! Join the voices of SEES members Junpei Iori (Zeno Robinson) and Akihiko Sanada (Alejandro Saab) along with special guest Yukari Takeba (Michelle Ruff) as they take your questions about the recently released Persona 3: Reload! Persona 3 "All Out Attack" Q&A Panel Anime Boston 2024

Panel Photos:

(From left to right, Zeno Robinson, Michelle Ruff, Alejandro Saab)

Panel Q&A Transcription:

Was there any behind the scenes changes from back then to now? [Directed at Michelle Ruff]

Michelle: "Not really in terms of actual "production" & "direction". However, in terms of the technology by the time persona 3 started we were using monitors to read dialog instead of paper scripts"

Zeno asked Michelle if she had to audition for Yukari, but she clarified that she didn't have to audition for Yukari she was cast.

If you obtain any persona which would pick?

Zeno: "Enoch"

Alejandro: "Icarus"

Michelle: "Get back to me lol"

If you have played the game what is your favorite social link? And what is your favorite SEES member?

Alejandro: " I don't like Nozomi's social link at ALL. But I like Bebe's social link. My favorite SEES member would have to be Junpei"

Zeno: "For romance, I liked Yuko's social link. For non-romance, I liked Akinari's. My favorite SEES member would have to be Koro"

Michelle: " I can't answer because I haven't played the game"

Do you guys have any good Ikutsuki puns?

Zeno, Alejandro, Michelle: NO

Do you guys have anything to tease about the upcoming DLC?

Zeno, Alejandro, Michelle: "Atlus has told them to not talk about spoilers because there's a lot of new fans coming into the series with Persona 3 Reload"

If you personally had to be a member of sees what weapon would you pick?

Zeno: "Bow Staff"

Alejandro: "Hands are all I need"

Michelle: "Bow and arrows" What was your favorite line to record?

Michelle: "Junpei Ace Detective? More like Stupei Ace Detective"

Alejandro: "You're a moron"

How's the experience matching a live actor in dubbing compared to anime? [Directed at Zeno Robinson]

Zeno: "It's tough because you have to match a lot more with live action due to localization nuances compared to animation"

If all your characters came to an anime convention which would they cosplayer as?

Alejandro: "Hajime no Ippo or Rocky Balboa"

Michelle: "Merida from Brave"

Zeno: "Naruto or Sasuke"

Do you believe Yukari and Kawakami are the same person? [Directed at Michelle Ruff]

Michelle: "No, but i got the from call to do more persona. I came in assuming it was going to be more Yukari lines, however the producer to the new character and I was surprised "

Zeno & Alejandro commented they also didn't know they got the role until they walked into record

Do you guys see yourself in characters you performed as?

Alejandro : "Sometimes, When i play as Akihiko I see my older brother"

Michelle: "I related to Rukia from bleach"

Zeno: Similar to Alejandro in which there’s moments where he relates to Junpei

What's your favorite persona song?

Zeno: "Its going down now & color night from Persona 3"

Alejandro: "Persona 5: The phantom x opening"

What was the experience like for dubbing in English?

Michelle: "We will preview the Japanese line as to how they do it & the director will help lead through the scene and provide the context to provide the best match to the Japanese performance"

What is your Favorite Video Game?

Alejandro: "Psychonauts"

Zeno: "Kingdom Hearts 2"

Michelle: "The Sonic Franchise"

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