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Oshi no Ko Season 2 English Dub Panel Anime Boston 2024

Oshi No Ko Season 2 English Dub Panel

Panel Description: Catch your favorite stars during this Q&A with the English dub cast of Oshi no Ko Season 2. Includes Season 2 sneak peeks! Oshi no Ko Season 2 English Dub Panel Anime Boston 2024

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Panel Q& A Transcription:

"How familiar were you with the manga (Oshi No Ko) before the role?"

Jack: "I got into the manga when Sentai Filmworks got the license, I read 100 chapters of the manga in a single day"

Natalie: "I was interested with the premise and watched the Japanese release along with reading the manga"

Kristen: "I started buying the manga when I found out I was casted for the role"

Alyssa: "I had no pre-requisites before the role, but i got the break down of the story, characters and did research when i found out I got the role”

Shannon: “When I Found out we were dubbing the show, I asked a bunch of questions with fellow staff and researched everything about Oshi no Ko. Then, I went through the process of figuring out which VA would best fit each role”

"Why do you think Oshi no ko is popular?"

Shannon: “Oshi No Ko has a lot of surprises that leads you down this route of different twists and turns that’s different from those around it. The show does a good job with it’s writing and story telling"

Jack: “It's first episode sends you on a journey that makes you want to learn more"

Natalie: "There’s something for everyone in Oshi no Ko, it has idols, dark side of the industry, love triangles, and it's gorgeous art"

Kristen: "People like drama and cute girls"

Alyssa : "It’s got rich characters that tells a rich story"

“How do you approach a character like Aqua” [Directed at Jack Stansbury]

Jack: "Aqua is a person who does not feel right in his skin, and there’s this on going discomfort to reorient his life given the circumstance, but his revenge mission is also something that keeps his identity grounded"

"Can you sum up Oshi No Ko in a few words?"

Kristen: "Cute"

Jack: "Mentally ill teens date"

Shannon: "Breath Taking"

Alyssa: "Identity Crisis"

"Who do you ship with aqua and why?"

Natalie: "What's healthiest for Aqua is Kana, but what's more healthier is therapy"

Kristen: "Therapy"

Shannon: "I'm surprised no one said pieyon"

Jack: "Aqua with Kana"

Alyssa: "Aqua with Kana"

Was depicting Kana's character difficult? [Directed at Natalie Rial]

Natalie: "Kana is a special character and one that's close to home being in the industry for most of her life. There's been many time she's looked herself up and felt a hurt with some of the comments people have said. It was very easy to get into the role, but tough because there was a lot of self reflection i've experienced while playing Kana"

Was there any preparations you needed to do when depicting a show related to the entertainment industry?

Shannon: "I find it exciting because I can add details from my personal experience into those production scenes. I find Oshi no Ko amazing because you get to dive into the "real human" side of these characters. It's satisfying to be apart of a show that feels real "

Jack: "I agree, it's refreshing to see anime tackle reality and grounded moments like sports anime such as Haikyu!!"

Natalie: "It's a breath of fresh air to do something grounded"

Kristen: "Anytime i work with Shannon, its something special and Oshi no Ko is a really special show that pushed me in a good way. Playing in a grounded role feels refreshing "

Alyssa: "The humanity of Oshi No Ko really helps makes this one feel special"

How did you approach Ruby's character and capture her depth? [Directed at Alyssa Marek]

Alyssa: "You have to look at her story to see that everything she does comes from a sense wanting to find a sincere connection with the people around her"

What was your favorite scene to record ?

Jack: "Aqua acting like a stalker was my favorite. We spent an hour to get the scene in which aqua uses the knife"

Natalie: "Kana is doing her big speech on the stage and see's aqua acting like a psychopath but that scene took a while to get the emotions correct. There was a scene where I needed to express Kana's anger but I couldn't get it right, so Shannon asked me to punch him and after a bit we recorded the line and it was spot on."

Kristen: "There's was much humor with my character but I found the time in between takes to play around"

Alyssa: "The young ruby scenes were the most memorable"

How did you approach the scene where Akane play's as Ai? [Directed at Kristen McGuire]

Kristen: "I re-watched the first episode to capture Ai's performance and match as much as I could. I didn't think I could do it if I didn't have the experience to back it. But I've worked with Shannon a LOT to make sure we got the scene and emotional beats correctly"

What character would you want to play as and wouldn't want to play as?

Shannon: "I wouldn't want to play Aqua, but I'd want to play as Melt because it would be an interesting challenge to play as a "bad" actor and pieyon"

Jack: "If i could play as another boy: Melt, another girl? Kana"

Natalie: "For the challenge Akane, I'd also want to play as Mem-cho for how fun she is a character"

Kristen: "I wouldn't be want to play anyone else because I couldn't see myself as anyone else. But the character I relate too is Mem-cho"

Alyssa: "Akane and Mem-cho"

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