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“Nighttime for Just Us Two,” Vol. 1 Review

Updated: Jan 15

Personal Rating: 4/5 Stars

*Review is not spoiler free!

Publisher Summary:

Our heroine, whose name no one in school can remember, can’t decide what’s weirder—that the most popular guy in school, Koga-kun, wants to be her friend…or that he insists he’s an alien. But one thing’s for sure—he knows her name, and doesn’t seem ready to let her go through high school anonymous!


I received this volume as an ARC from NetGalley and Kodansha, thank you for letting me review!

This first volume turned out to be much more cute and funny than I had originally thought it would be. I had only glanced at the summary before reading, so I never would have guessed that the alien was possessing the male lead’s body, rather than the male lead himself being the alien. It was a pretty hilarious twist, especially when comparing Chiro and Koga’s 180 degree difference in personality. I must mention that I preferred Chiro to Koga as a character, and his adorable interactions with shy Nikaido were just so sweet in comparison. I docked a star from my rating just because I got so much more attached to Chiro that I barely cared about Koga at all….oops!

In Koga’s defense, he reacted quite realistically for someone who just found out that their body is possessed by an alien who wants to do who-knows-what. I wouldn’t be very happy or open to understanding a being who controls my body while I’m asleep, either. However, by the last chapter, I thought he was being pretty hard on Nikaido, when it’s not as if any of this is her fault. Letting her be insulted behind her back by everyone unless she asked him to “help or save her,” then using “well, actually, she’s my girlfriend (a complete lie)” as a band-aid solution to the problem didn’t give him any extra points with me.

Nikaido herself was relatable in some sense for me, since we share some introverted tendencies. I think younger readers who are also very shy or have a hard time reaching out to others in order to make friends will understand her way of thinking. Her hobby of watching dog videos to recharge was also a cute extra.

The artwork is pretty standard high school shoujo romcom, but the exaggerated expressions were great. They really added to the comedy, along with some good paneling. A very fluffy and sweet read.

I’ll definitely pick up volume 2 for more of the comedic and cute moments!

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