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Kodansha USA Debuts New English-First Science Fiction Manga Series Re:Anima Exclusively on

Re:Anima Debuts with Free Chapter Exclusively on

Kodansha revealed today they are debuting the latest English-first manga series exclusive to—the mind-bending science fiction shonen epic Re:Anima, by Yoshinori Matsuoka. The debut chapter of Re:Anima is now available free-to-read for all Kodansha Readers, with new chapters serialized every other week on

Kodansha USA confirmed these beginning chapters of Re:Anima will remain free until the debut of the first collected volume in print, which is scheduled to release Fall 2024. Kodansha USA also confirmed Print editions of Re:Anima will be distributed by Penguin Random House. 

Publisher Synopsis:

In a world where environmental conditions have forced humanity to take refuge below the Earth’s surface, “normal” life is made possible thanks to the advent of Re:Anima, artificial bodies that allow users to walk in the light of the sun—with some caveats. There are those who would seek to exploit Re:Anima technology for their personal gain, and it’s up to Kara Kamikigi, his partner Shinano Nagano, and the Enforcement Bureau to deal with these menaces. While the danger they face may not always be mortal, the peril of contending with the darkness in people’s hearts is very real…

Author Comment: "Hello! My name is Yoshinori Matsuoka, and I am a shonen manga creator in Japan. This new series Re:Anima is a fresh take on an old idea I had that didn’t quite get anywhere. I’m beyond thrilled that it’s finally getting the chance to see the light of day. My favorite manga—which also happens to be the first one I ever read—is the science fiction series Level E by Yoshihiro Togashi, and wow, is it something! It’s been my dream to draw a manga like that someday," says Yoshinori Matsuoka, Re-Anima series creator. "The wonderful thing about science fiction is that it allows you to experience a world quite unlike the one you already live in. I hope Re:Anima invites readers on an adventure filled with excitement, thrills, and heart-pounding moments!"

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Source: Press Kit

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