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Kaiten Books Licenses Blue Archive: Problem Solver Manga

Manga publisher Kaiten Books has announced that they have licensed the manga series Blue Archive: Problem Solver 68 Business Diary for an English release in US territories.

Volume 1 cover for Blue Archive: Problem Solver 68 Business Diary. On the cover is Rikuhachima Aru

Based on the popular Blue Archive mobile game, follow the misadventures of the Outlaw CEO, Rikuhachima Aru and the other members of Problem Solver 68 as they try to make a name for themselves in this action-packed spinoff series.

In Japan, Blue Archive: Problem Solver 68 Business Diary is serialized by Bushiroad and runs in their Comic Bushiroad Web online manga reading platform.


Welcome to Kivotos, the Academy City, where students spend their daily lives armed. Follow the lives of the four girls who run a business here as they take on all kinds of odd jobs just to keep it afloat. With the self-proclaimed Outlaw CEO, Rikuhachima Aru, at the helm, Problem Solver 68 is always ready to stir up a storm! Tag along with the crew on their misadventures in the long-awaited official Blue Archive spin-off manga!

As a special bonus, Kaiten Books is offering exclusive extras when purchasing either the physical or digital version through their website. The first 500 physical orders will come with one of two unique bonus illustration cards chosen for the launch of the series, while every digital order will come with an exclusive bonus comic along with hi-res wallpapers for your phone, tablet, and computer.

The list of exclusives for each format of the volume

Both the physical and digital versions of the Blue Archive: Problem Solver 68 Business Diary volume 1 are scheduled to release on July 12th, 2024 with preorders available on all the usual platforms.

For those looking to secure the exclusive physical bonuses, be sure to snag your copy before it’s too late! Orders will be fulfilled via Pathway Book Service and the listing can be found on our website or through Pathway.

Source: Press Kit

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