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"Honey Trap Shared House" Vol. 1 Review

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Volume 1 of Honey Trap Shared House


Honey Trap Shared House was a surprised license pickup by Yen Press. While the publisher does pick up ecchi (i.e., fan service) genre manga, this was a series didn't seem to have made waves in Japan before the license pick up.

Published in Fujimi Shobo's Dragon Age magazine, the series comes from the minds of Masamune Kuji (author) and Kozuki Kouichi (illustrator). Hayato, a master spy, opens up a shared house in order to lure enemy agents and convert them to his side. His first resident is the spy Seraphy who happens also be his childhood crush! It's spy vs spy in the attempt to "honey trap" one another and convert to their side!

The premise seemed unique, so I was curious to review it!

General Thoughts

One might be inclined to relate this to Spy X Family due to both series having spies and assassins. Other than the leads being different, this series is nothing like Spy X Family. This series is an ecchi comedy series with some action.

The volume has a balance of humor (via the seductions and misunderstandings) and action. There is a conflict introduced later in the volume that implies that we might get more action focused chapters in the future or the series could change into an action manga if the mangakas so choose.

The humor takes a slapstick format during the seduction scenes. It's meant to bring levity to fact that neither party knows how to actually seduce one another. If one had to compare the humor to another series, it would be reminiscent of "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" or "The 100 Girlfriends that Really x5 Love You".

What I Liked

The characters are fun. While their behaviors are nothing you haven't seen in a rom-com, both Hayato's and Seraphy's antics will make you chuckle at their ridiculousness in trying to convert one another.

The one part that had me laughing was how Seraphy misunderstands the situation with Hayato and continue to make her seduction attempts more extreme where she ends up freaking out from the attempt. Meanwhile, Hayato is nearly about to die due to the attempt since it's his childhood crush seducing him (or attempting anyway).

I like that the reader gets a balance of both action and comedy. At no point do they ignore or dismiss the action aspect for the comedy. The mangakas balance both genres well enough to change the scene when the reader would likely want the genre change in the chapter.

What I Disliked

One of the issues I had with the volume is that everyone introduced is connected to Hayato's or Seraphy's past. The chapters end up following a structure of Hayato & Seraphy interact with one another -> someone drops in -> that person recognizes them -> person reveals they were a childhood friend of theirs from their time at the orphanage -> that person is also a spy for another faction.

The process got dull. Hopefully this changes in later volumes because it's already tiring after the first.

Final Thoughts

While it doesn't do anything revolutionary, Honey Trap Shared House is a generally fun ecchi manga that will provide you a humorous experience if you're looking to laugh. The characters are fun. the art is good (if not outrageous with the proportions), and the story is solid.

If you can handle ecchi or fan service manga, Honey Trap Shared House is a good purchase!

The lead characters Hayato and Seraphy. Hayato is a master spy and Seraphy is an assassin

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