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HiDive's "Working in The Japanese Anime Industry" Anime Boston 2024 Panel

Working in The Japanese Anime Industry

Panel Description: Join HIDIVE, Pony Canyon producer Yuki Watanabe, and voice actor Hirose Yuya as they discuss working behind the scenes in Japan's anime industry.

Working in the Anime Industry Anime Boston 2024 Panel

Panel Photos:

Panel Q& A Transcription:

"What do you think of Anime Boston?"

Hirose: "This is my first time at anime Boston and in Boston. I was happy to see all the excitement from fans at the opening ceremony!"

Yuki: "I've been to the US before back in 2018 at AX, as a producer i don't often get the opportunity to be on panels so i am a bit nervous. But being able to talk with fans is excited"

"When did you want to become a VA?" [Directed at Hirose Yuya]

Hirose: "I didn't get into it until middle school, but i got into acting in high school and it lead me to where i am today"

"Could you walk us through the process of the process of being cast to the last episode?" [Directed at Hirose Yuya]

Hirose: "First i found out there was an audition available. Then when I found out I passed it made me very happy! Afterwards I got to meeting with the director, producer, other crew, etc

"How did you get into production? [Directed at Yuki Watanabe]

Yuki: "After college, i worked with the company behind who produced Ultra Man. Then after that i got the opportunity to meet Hirose Yuya on another project. I was happy to find out we're working together on chained soldier"

"What is a Anime Producer? [Directed at Yuki Watanabe]

Yuki: "Fun Fact: There’s not that many producers in anime so we often wear different hats depending on the production. For example: we might find ourselves producing for music, working with the mangaka, etc. My most important job is to create an environment that everyone in production feels happy and welcome but the real bulk of the work comes before the production of the anime starts"

"Is there anything western fans should know about the animation process?"

Hirose: "There's a lot of overlap with anime and other forms of media"

Yuki: "Every year there's about 200 300 anime being produced"

"Out of all the roles you've played: which are you most proud of?" [Directed at Hirose Yuya]

Hirose: "It would have to be my first role VA in gridman"

"How do people decide which LN manga get made into anime?" [Directed at Yuki Watanabe]

Yuki: "It depends on the producer and are particular on what they want. Some are business focused, some only want to work on original projects but it really depends on the producer themselves. For me personally, I'm not picky. If i think it would be an enjoyable anime id be on board to do it.

"How do you feel about the western of anime and has that changed now that you've been to a anime convention?"

Hirose: "I was flabbergasted from seeing people cosplaying characters from shows all the way back to new gen anime. I'm hoping Anime Boston is sucessful for the future!"

Yuki: "It's very entertaining to see what comes out of the US."

"Do you look at western trends and do they have an influence on future adaptation decisions?" [Directed at Yuki Watanabe]

Yuki: it depends on the producer, but depending on who i ask the answer is going to be different regardless of the anime: it takes a lot of resources to make these shows so it means a lot to us to see your support

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