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Fanatical Unveils the Awesome Manga Stories Bundle

Fanatical, a leading distributor of digital entertainment content, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest offering, the "Awesome Manga Stories Bundle." This exclusive collection of MediBang content is curated for manga aficionados worldwide, offering a diverse range of captivating narratives and stunning artwork.

Fanatical. Medibang's Awesome Manga Stories Bundle. Contains overt 100 comics. New comics bundle. Some comics are for mature audiences

The "Awesome Manga Stories Bundle" brings together a handpicked selection of popular manga titles including, Volumes 1-12 of Killing Bites and Mad Bull 34, catering to a broad spectrum of interests within the vibrant manga community. From epic adventures to heartwarming tales, this bundle promises something extraordinary for every reader.

Featuring a carefully curated lineup of titles from critically acclaimed creators, the bundle showcases the rich diversity and creativity that define the world of manga. Readers can immerse themselves in captivating stories, explore imaginative worlds, and follow unforgettable characters on thrilling journeys.

The "Awesome Manga Stories Bundle" is available  on Fanatical with a starting price point of 5 titles for $1, providing enthusiasts with convenient access to their favorite titles at an unbeatable value. Whether you're a seasoned manga connoisseur or a newcomer eager to explore the genre, this bundle is the perfect gateway to a world of captivating storytelling.

If you spend $14 (the max tier), you will receive these titles:

- Byte

- Cleopatra

- Cooking

- Diary of My Daily Failures Ch. 1-9

- Fermata Life Ch. 1-5

- Flipboard Ch. 1

- Freya War Ch. 1-2

- Goodbye Pumpkin

- Great Bodhisattva Peak Ch. 1-2

- I Don't Even Have Time to Live Ch. 1-20

- Immoral - Ch. 1-2

- Interplanetary Intercourse

- Jack and the Wicked

- Jeanne D'Arc Ch. 1-2

- Killing Bites Vol. 1-12

- Kizuna: Hand of God Unbound by The Heavens Vol. 1

- Lost Youth

- Mad Bull 34

- Natalie and Mysterious Takumi Ch. 1-5

- Ninja #1 Flying Kato

- Oda and Hototogi

- Papa and Daddy's Home Cooking Vol. 1-4

- Pen Love Vol. 1

- Purple Flower Under the Moonlight Ch. 1-4

- Record of Zako War Ch. 1

- Sasahito Vol. 1-2

- Sammy and Onokoro

- Shaman Vol. 1-3

- Soft Arpeggio

- That Rainy Day When I Killed My Mother-in-law Ch. 1-4

- The Class Rep's Glasses

- The Night of No Return

- The Princess's Circumstances

- The Yokai Caretaker Vol. 1-9

- Yukimi Records

- Yuri Wall 1-8

- Waiting in the Classroom


Note: Bolded titles are mature titles only for mature audiences

If you are a manga fan you won't miss out on the opportunity to embark on unforgettable adventures and discover new worlds with the "Awesome Manga Stories Bundle." The bundle is available on Fanatical now and ends on July 10th so don't miss the chance to secure your copy today!

Source: Press Kit

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