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Digital Manga Service Azuki Adds Four Brand New Titles for February

KiraKira Media Inc.'s digital manga service Azuki revealed on Thursday that it has added four brand new manga series from MediBang! This is part of an ongoing partnership in which over 150+ titles are coming to Azuki through batches at the beginning of every month.  

All titles listed below are now available on the Azuki website and iOS and Android apps


Cases and Then Some by Chisa Otomi

(Distributed by MediBang)

Synopsis: Keiji Nishiono, 36 years old, owns a small private detective office that is in the brink of bankruptcy. The only employee he has is the beautiful and diligent Takato Eisei, who is always taking care of the useless Keiji. One day, they receive a request from a gay man who has a trust issue with his partner. But to do that Keiji and Eisei have to infiltrate Shinjuku 2nd district as a gay couple! It was such a smooth job, but they have to end it by kissing each other?! Since then, in their small and narrow office, another feeling that crosses the boundaries of two working partners start to bloom...

(New chapters every Sunday at 7am PST)


I Can’t Help Falling in Love by Yura Miyazawa

(Distributed by MediBang)

Synopsis: Surrendering to his desire, Houshou did something regretful to Saotome, his high school senior in the soccer club. Their relationship turned cold until they reunited again 8 years later. Houshou, now a number one host, unintentionally lives in the same apartment where Saotome works as a caretaker. Houshou still feels this strange awkwardness when he looks at Saotome. But Saotome's kindness never changed, and Houshou finally realized why he did "that" 8 years ago...

(New chapters every Saturday at 7am PST)


Leaving Our Truths to the Shooting Stars by Mito Satou

(Distributed by MediBang)

Synopsis: When we were children, the word "forever" seemed so sparkly and lovely. The six of us thought we would be together forever. But the Subaru's accident broke us apart. One day, "she" appeared in front of Hokuto... will this strange phenomenon restore their broken bond?! The endless regret. An overwhelmed feeling. Heartwrenching adolescent days now begin... 

(New chapters every Thursday at 7am PST)


Lost Youth by Akeru Asahi

(Distributed by MediBang)

Synopsis: Aine Misabashi, a cheerful high school girl, has a massive crush on her popular childhood friend, Riku Shirota. She also has a beautiful best friend who she calls "Princess." But one day Aine sees Riku kissing another girl. Moreover, the girl that he kissed is... Is there any purity in this tangled friendship and romantic relationship? What will Aine do when another important person to her also has a feeling towards her... "Lost Youth" is a magnificent debut work by Akeru Asahi about a bold and delicate girl's romance in high school that will leave you shocked!

(New chapters every Tuesday at 7am PST)

Source: Press Kit

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