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Digital Manga Service Azuki Adds Four Brand New Titles

KiraKira Media Inc.'s digital manga service Azuki revealed on Thursday that it has added four brand new manga series from MediBang! This is part of an ongoing partnership in which over 150+ titles are coming to Azuki through batches at the beginning of every month.  

All titles listed below are now available on the Azuki website and iOS and Android apps


Sweet Seduction: Under the Same Roof with the Guy I Hate by Akiko Naoe

(Distributed by MediBang)

Synopsis: It’s supposed to be the peak of Urara Namita's life. But she’s losing her house, savings, and boyfriend instead! In this desperate situation, her rival in the workplace, Musashi Fudou, suddenly comes to her with the most unexpected proposal: "Why don't you live here with me for a while?"

Well, he does look like a bully sometimes, although he is also very kind to her. "I’m supposed to hate him, but seeing his weak face makes me feel something different..."


A Tempest of Cage by Mikan Matsumoto (Distributed by MediBang)

Synopsis: Ten years have passed since my brother's dead body was discovered in the bottom of a cliff. Rumour said he was escaping his engagement and was supposed to meet his lover there... But that person never came. After searching for years, I've finally reunited with him again.

"Did you really betray my brother...?"

He trembles like a child. But he is still as beautiful as the first time he smiled at me. Kai, the owner of my brother's heart, and the man who had stolen my first love... Who does your heart belong to?

"Tempest of Cage" is your ideal Taisho-era BL that involves tragedy, family drama, and a love triangle. Follow Yoshihisa and Kai on the journey to make peace with their past.


Waruginia: Space Idol

(Distributed by MediBang)

Synopsis: International idol Haruka Heartline caused quite the commotion with her concert on a colony in space! What’s a girl to do when the whole world is literally willing to kill to get their hands on her? Technology and magical powers are just the tip of the iceberg in this manga! What will happen to the poor idol who started this war, and who will end it?


The Key in the Cage (One-Shot) by Ryoko Takabatake

(Distributed by MediBang)

Synopsis: Akira’s father is a genius “creator.” A creator is someone who takes orders to “improve” living creatures. For example, “a hunting dog with fangs to crush a rock”, “a horse that can fly through the sky”, and even “a mermaid as beautiful as the ones in your dreams.” However, Akira is not like his father — he hates his job, a job that causes living beings to suffer. What’s more, the living creatures are often sold to cruel and ruthless lords that know not the value of life. Out of all such creatures his father creates, Akira takes a special liking to the mermaid his father is creating for the king of a nearby country. Will Akira’s good conscience finally get the better of him?

Source: Presskit

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