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Digital Manga Service Azuki Adds Four Brand New Titles

KiraKira Media Inc.'s digital manga service Azuki revealed on Tuesday that it has added four brand new manga series from MediBang! This is part of an ongoing partnership in which over 150+ titles are coming to Azuki through batches at the beginning of every month.

All titles listed below are now available on the Azuki website and iOS and Android apps


Maria x Maria by Kaoru Kawakata

(Distributed by Media Bang)

Synopsis: Legend has it that males in the Seryo household are bound to be luckless when it comes to women. Masaki Seryo, a 15-year-old high school student, is a testament to this. As he hopes to leave his nagging female-dominated family behind and moves to the dorms, he falls into an even more baffling situation involving the same thing he's attempted to escape—women.

(New Chapters Release Every Thursday at 7am PST)


Witch Sister by Natsuki Matsuzawa

(Distributed by Media Bang)

Synopsis: Witch power is an invisible and powerful force. Witch Sister is a tale of two siblings who inherited witches’ blood—the older brother Kyoma, a rookie inspector without the ability to use magic, and Mikuni, the shut-in little sister who'd once gone to witchcraft school. Together they solve grotesque and eerie cases caused by witch magic.

(New Chapters Release Every Friday at 7am PST)


Super Food Bowl by Shigeru Tsuchiyama

(Distributed by Media Bang)

Synopsis: To eat is to fight! There’s only one thing Momotaro High desires—the glory of being Super Food Bowl champion! Back from a 15 years absence from the world of gourmands, Kutaro Moriyama began as a coach in the now-weakened Momotaro Gourmand Club. With endless appetite and fierce hunger, Super Food Bowl brings you the taste of bold men bonding through delicious food!

(New Chapters Release Every Saturday at 7am PST)


The Vampires Next Door by Ryoko Takabatake

(Distributed by Media Bang)

Synopsis: What would you do if three Vampire sisters started living in your ordinary neighborhood? Ella, the beautiful and conservative eldest sister; Angelica, the air-headed and girly middle child; and Rinden, the quiet and cool youngest daughter. They have to stay in Koharu’s apartment to learn more about human society: tight budgets, the thrill of chasing dreams, and the experience of human romance.

(New Chapters Release Every Friday at 7am PST)


Source: Press Kit

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