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Circana's Top 20 Adult Graphic Novels in the US for November 2023

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

IcV2 has reported Circana's top 20 adult graphic novels (GN) in the United States for the month of November.

Listed below is a table of the sales data of the top 20 graphic novels including the number of units moved:

US Top 20 Adult Graphic Novels for November 2023

Sales chart of the top 20 adult graphic novels sold in the united states for the month of November 2023. The top titles (in order) are One Piece vol 104, Jujutsu Kaisen vol 21, Chainsaw Man vol 12, Spy x Family vol 10, Berserk Deluxe vol 14, Jujutsu Kaisen vol 1, The Mysteries, Disney Manga: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas - The battle for pumpkin king, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin HC, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin Lost Years HC, Jujutsu Kaisen vol 0, Berserk Deluxe vol 1, My Dress-Up Darling vol 10, Demon Slayer vol 1, Chainsaw Man vol 1, Jujutsu Kaisen vol 20, Soy x Family vol 1, One Piece vol 103, [Oshi no Ko] vol 4, and finally Kaiju No 8

Publisher Ranking

Listed below is the graph of the number of titles each publisher has in the top 20:

Publisher ranking based on the number of spots their titles have in the top 20 chartt. Viz Media has 60%, IDW Publisher has 10%, Dark Horse has 10%, Andrews Mcmeel has 5%, Tokyopop has 5%, Square-Enix has 5%, and Yen Press has 5%

Similar to previous months, Viz Media has the majority with 60% of titles in the top 20. In second place is a tie between IDW and Dark Horse at 10%, and tied for third place are Square Enix, Tokyopop, Yen Press, and Andrews McMeel at 5%.

Below are the the hard numbers breakdown:


Amount of Titles in Chart

Viz Media


Dark Horse


IDW Publishing


Square Enix


Yen Press




Andrews McMeel


Total Sales Gross

A graphical representation of the top 20 graphic novels in the US for November 2023 based on total sales gross

Let's breakdown this sales info:

Berserk Deluxe vols 1 and 14 take the top 2 spots, both earning over $500,000! This continues to show how much of a powerhouse the Berserk brand is for both Dark Horse and the US manga industry.

One Piece vol 104 earned over $255,000 for Viz Media. Being one of the publisher's best selling titles post-covid, this series continues to meet sales expectations. However, compared to the first week's sales performance of volume 103, there was a 15.25% decrease in volume 104's first week's sales performance.

Oshi no Ko vol 4 has earned over $72,000 for Yen Press in its initial sales performance. This is the first volume in the series that does not have an anime episode airing near its release date to help boost the sales (episode 11 completed in June for the Japanese release and August 2nd for the English dub). Compared to volume 3's inisial sales, volume 4 received a 1.54% sales increase!

My Dress-Up Darling continues to be a hit seller for Square Enix, earning over $140,000 for volume 10! The volume release comes 8 months after the end of episode 12 in Japan and 7 months after the English dub.

The series consistently charts on the top 20 graphics novel sales charts when a volume releases. Compared to volume 9, volume 10 has had a 0.44% sales decrease. While it's a decrease, it's not even 1%, which is incredible!

TMNT: Last Ronin continues to be a massive hit for the publisher. Now that The Lost Years has been published, we're seeing IDW take more spots on the charts! Last Ronin has also gained a 2.7% sales increase compared to last month's performance!

While the series continues to perform well, The Mysteries had its sales have dropped by 71.26% when compared to the previous month.

Tokyopop's Nightmare Before Christmas manga continues to be their biggest hit of 2023, earning over $190,000 for the month of November. The series currently has a 3 month straight ranking on the top 20 chart. Compared to last month's, the title has received a %15.68% sales decrease.

Publisher Analysis & Speculations

Viz Media:

One Piece vol 104 cover

The series that received price increases continue to perform as well as they did beforehand. This result supports the statement that the price increase didn't impact the sales performance of Viz's best sellers.

Jujutsu Kaisen, Kaiju No 8, and Spy x Family ( to name a few) continue to chart in the top 20 with their volumes. With the exception of One Piece vol 104, each manga volume on the chart owned by Viz Media is in its second week after release (i.e., Kaiju No 8 vol 8) or longer (Spy x Family vol 1) on the chart for this month.

Yen Press:

Oshi no Ko vol 4 cover

Oshi no Ko is likely considered one of Yen Press's best selling series for 2023. I'm curious to see if the sales percentage increases after volume 4 since volume 5 will start covering post-anime content.

Dark Horse:

Berserk Deluxe vol 14 cover

With volume 14 of Berserk Deluxe likely being the last deluxe edition for some time, I'm curious to see the performance when the next deluxe volume releases. Will the audience still be there or will there be a decrease upon its return?

Square Enix:

My Dress-Up Darling vol 10 cover

My Dress-Up Darling seems to be Square-Enix's consistent best selling title, always charting when a new volume releases. There doesnt seem to be a strong decline in sales for the series yet.

While they were close with My Happy Marriage, will the publisher have another series that will consistently take another spot in the top 20 charts alongside My Dress-Up Darling? Both Ice Guy & Cool Girl and My Happy Marriage have had recent anime releases, with only the latter actually charting.


Nightmare Before Christmas vol cover

The performance of Nightmare Before Christmas will likely cause Tokyopop to invest more in Disney manga properties.

While the performance of the Nightmare Before Christmas manga has been exceeding expectations, I'm curious to see the performance of the manga Sengoku Youko when its anime airs in 2024 and if the manga will get some boost due to it.

IDW Publishing:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Last Ronin HC cover

I would expect more TMNT: Last Ronin titles to show up on the charts if any get turned into hardcovers or paperback format. IDW has a strong IP with TMNT (specifically Last Ronin) so we could expect to see more on the charts in the future.

Andrews McMeel:

The Mysteries cover

The Mysteries continues to perform well for the publisher, even with the large sales drop. This is likely due to the creator of the work (Watterson being the creator of Calvin and Hobbes).


The charts of the total gross of each volume and the publisher ranking were calculated and created by WinterVenom

The units sold for each title comes from Circana BookScan and reported by Brigid Alverson of IcV2.

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