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Anime Expo announces Mangaka Ryoko Kui as a Guest of Honor

Anime Expo has announced that Ryoko Kui, the creator of the manga series Delicious in Dungeon, as a Guest of Honor for Anime Expo 2024.

Delicious in Dungeon volume 1 cover

Anime Expo 2024 will mark Ryoko Kui’s first visit to a North American convention. The many passionate fans of Delicious in Dungeon’s colorful cast and eccentric twists on fantasy storytelling and RPGs will have an opportunity to meet the creator herself through signings facilitated by Anime Expo.

With unique and appealing art and a food-filled story that puts a fun spin on the fantasy genre, Delicious in Dungeon has been one of the most popular manga series from publisher Yen Press for years. Following the January 2024 release of the anime adaptation, Ryoko Kui’s Delicious in Dungeon has become one of the most popular properties in the world of manga and anime.

Delicious in Dungeon was introduced to the English-speaking world by Yen Press in 2017, a time in which fantasy stories with a fresh spin on the genre were few and far between. In recent years, many similar works with fun interpretations of beloved fantasy tropes and concepts have been created, but Delicious in Dungeon has remained one of the most popular to date.

The anime adaptation has brought its popularity to a new level, giving the series mainstream awareness among manga and anime fans as well as a crossover audience of western fantasy and RPG fans.

In honor of Ryoko Kui’s visit to Anime Expo, Yen Press produced a special acrylic standee featuring the beloved cast of Delicious in Dungeon.

Delicious in Dungeon acrylic standee that will be produced by Yen Press for the event

This exclusive item will be on sale at the Yen Press booth at Anime Expo for the many fans of Ryoko Kui and her amazing manga series who are looking to take home a fun memento to commemorate the first North American visit of the iconic creator. Additional information on this exclusive offering will be announced on Yen Press social media at a future date.

Anime Expo takes place Los Angeles, California, from July 4 to 7. For more information, visit

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