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All of Yen Press's 2023 New Series and One-shot Releases

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

All of the brand new series, one-shots, and editions Yen Press has put out in 2023!

*This doesn't include artbooks or boxsets. The volume count is its status in its country of origin.

Yen Press 2023 Shoujo & Josei New Releases

  • Cheeky Brat must be selling well enough for Yen Press to decide to license the creator's other series, Stray Cat & Wolf this year.

  • Tokyo Babylon by CLAMP returns to the English market for the third time with this new Premium Collection with a new translation from Yen Press! Previous editions were seven volumes by Tokyopop, followed by two omnibus volumes released by Dark Horse. This series also functions as a prequel to X/1999, which is licensed by Viz Media.

  • The Agents of the Four Seasons novel series by Kana Akatsuki, who is best known for Violet Evergarden, was also released this year! If this release does well, I think it's possible the new manga adaptation may follow in the future.

Yen Press 2023 Shonen & Seinen New Releases

  • The Do-Over Damsel Conquers the Dragon Emperor's manga adaptation was licensed by Yen Press this year. Note that Cross Infinite World is publishing the light novel version of the series.

  • Surprise-hit anime Bocchi the Rock!'s manga was licensed on the heels of its release. (I say surprise in the sense that I hadn't heard of the series at all before the anime released, not because it wasn't a fantastic show.)

  • Both the Deer King novel and manga released this year. An animated film by the same name came out in 2021.

  • Oshi no Ko's manga became very well-received after the anime dropped this year.

  • The Sugar Apple Fairy Tale manga adaptation also came out not long after the anime aired.

Yen Press 2023 "Boy's Love" and "Girl's Love" New Releases

  • The Summar Hikaru Died was a very hyped license for this year! I probably should have included it in the Seinen section instead since it is tagged as "LGBT Character in Non-BL/Yuri Manga" on mangaupdates, but I had already completed these layouts by the time I saw. I had only heard about the romance mixed with body horror in the series beforehand. I am not sure whether fans consider it a BL series or not.

Yen Press 2023 Non- or Unknown-Demographic New Releases

  • The Suzume release wasn't surprising after the movie came out this year, and it being by the same director of the well-loved Your Name, Makoto Shinkai.

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