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A Cat From Our World and the Forgotten Witch Volume 1 Review

Publisher Summary

In her youth, Jeanne was a powerful witch who vanquished the evil Demon King and saved the world—but over time, the people she rescued have forgotten her. Now she is a lonely old woman living in a secluded forest...until she accidentally summons a cat from Earth to her home! The former city kitty is now gigantic and must acclimate to this new world. Can a cat from another world soothe the loneliness of the forgotten witch?

Story & Art by Hiro Kashiwaba

Translation: Kathryn Henzler

Adaptation: Kim Kindya

Lettering and Retouch: Mercedes McGarry

I purchased Volume 1 of A Cat From Our World and the Forgotten Witch personally with my own funds for the intent of writing this review.



A Cat From Our World and the Forgotten Witch was serialized in Yawaraka Spirts Magazine published by Shogakukan. The series is complete at five total volumes total with it's final volume released in Japan October 12th, 2023.

Seven Seas announced they acquired the English license on their Wonder Wednesday License Announcement Event on March 1st, 2023 and released Volume 1 January 2nd, 2024.



Our story takes place fifty years after the evil Demon King was vanquished by the Hallowed Sorceress Jeanne in the Kingdom of Grifford. We're shown that peace and prosperity were brought to the town of Dalmeia. However, unlike most heroic epics, our main heroine suddenly disappeared with no trace of her whereabouts. So where is our sorceress, Jeanne, you may ask? I was living in an oak tree house in front of a very large cat who refused to eat the food in their bowl.

We then shift to the cat's perspective, in which we learn that our feline main character was recently the victim of every isekai's favorite out-of-control truck running them over before being summoned into Jeanne's world as a "guardian beast." Like the name suggests, this beast is supposed to listen to and protect the individual who summons it. But in a series of comedic moments, our feline MC does the complete opposite of what Jeanne asks, which got a few laughs out of me while I was reading it.

For example, in one of the early chapters, we see Jeanne finish sweeping and dumping our Feline's MC hair outside before she is ambushed by a swarm of poisonous mosquitoes. She quickly runs inside, as she doesn't have the same magical ability she once had. As she rests up, she hears a loud crash upstairs, causing her to rush to the scene, thinking the mosquitoes from earlier broke in, but really it's our guardian beast making a giant mess on the floor.

But this manga isn't just cat hijinx; in chapter 2, we find out that while the town knows of Sorceress Jeanne, she's instead referred to as the witch of the forest of no return. sprinkles of her backstory presented to balance out the humorous moments that's presented here. Without going into spoiler territory, Jeanne's upbringing, heroic epic, and downfall are provokingly tragic. What really caught my attention was when the story shifts to her point of view. It's made me want to know "more" about "why" she was treated in that manner. Given that context and re-reading through the volume, it made me greatly appreciate how well this volume sold me on the growing relationship between Jeanne and her "Guardian Beast." It's final chapter cements that feeling that made me add this manga to my list of ones to keep up with.


Final Thoughts

I came into this manga with low expectations upon its announcement as just another cat manga combined with isekai elements. However, this FAR exceeded my expectations by presenting a heartwarming story about a relationship between our "Guardian Beast" cat and Jeanne. Combined with Jeanne's backstory, which helps give the story presented here a good contrast from its humorous moments with leaving enough world building crumbs to make the reader hungry to know more about Jeanne and what events occurred that led her to live in the Forrest of No Return.

Verdict: Buy It

A Cat From Our World and the Forgotten Witch Volume 1 from Seven Seas is now available at all Retailers.

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